Saturday, January 25, 2014

12 under 20: Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA

Well readers, since my last 12 under 20 post on Cupcake Vineyards, I attended my very first "Wine 101: The Fundamentals of Wine Tasting" class at my local Total Wine. It was an awesome experience and I feel like I learned a lot in just 2 hours for only $20. Clearly, $20 and under is a theme for my overall life, not just my blog!

This class reviewed proper temperatures at which wine should be stored, the different classifications of white and red wines, the "rating" system for evaluating wines, and of course the tastings themselves, which we got to evaluate on our own. I still have a lot to learn (most specifically, I need to get a handle on discerning the flavor styles) but I am more enthusiastic than ever to keep learning.

#2. Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA

This fantastic little Old World riesling is new to me as of the aforementioned class. It was enjoyed immensely by all in our party (ladies and gentlemen alike) and was only -$9.99-.

Dr Heidemanns is renowned as one of the finest estates in Mosel, Germany. The family-owned and operated winery dates back as far as 1156, so they have had extensive experience crafting a great wine.

This semi-dry (sweet) wine was fermented in stainless steel barrels and holds no characteristics of oak. Sweeter wines tend to be fuller in body, but lower in alcohol, making them easier to sip on rather than necessarily just pair with food. It's low in acidity and fruitful with notes of apple and pear (The description they gave said peach flavors, but I personally experienced more pear than peach). This would be a great wine to sip chilled on your back porch in summer while eating fresh fruit or enjoy on date night with a spicy thai dish.

As a note, this Riesling has a Stelvin (screw) cap instead of a cork. This method of capping a wine can actually prolong a wine's life better than a cork. Many finer wines are switching to screw caps for this reason, but the cork will not completely be done away with -- The machines required to fashion the Stelvin caps are incredibly expensive which can be a hard sell, especially if you are not sure how a screw cap vs. a cork will affect the bouquet and flavors of your particular wine.

Chill your white wines at a temperature between 48 and 53 degrees. Also, 80% of what you taste in wine is what you smell, so be sure to breathe in the bouquet (aromas) before you sip!

For $9.99 at Total Wine, you honestly cannot go wrong with this Riesling. It's sweet (but not in a 'hurts your tooth' kind of way), fruity, refreshing, and would pair well with many different aperitifs.

Welcome to my list of favorite "go-to" wines, Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA!

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