Monday, January 24, 2011

"O"! More sculpture!

Back in 2008, my family and I took a trip to Las Vegas and Bryce Canyon/Mt. Zion National Parks. In Vegas, we OF COURSE had to tour all of the casinos and in the Bellagio (which also had Dale Chihuly glass sculptures...OMG!), there was an exhibit of sculptures in the "O" (Cirque du Soleil) theater lobby by sculptor Richard MacDonald. These works depicted Cirque artists in movement. And they are absolutely breathtaking.

MacDonald's works are obviously not limited to just Cirque artists, but those are the ones I wanted to share with you today. He works primarily in bronze. And more than anything I could tell you, I thought it might be better for MacDonald to tell you a little bit more about his work. Ah, the advantages of a live artist. :)

Hopefully, even though this is not a typical post of mine, you got a brief sense of the beauty this artist creates, and hopefully you'll be inspired to follow his art from now on!

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