Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12 under 20: Relax Riesling

12 under 20: Relax Riesling
I don’t know what it is with me…My “go-to’s” tend to be either bold, fruity reds or the sweetest of whites! I do know that a lot of my friends out there prefer white wines, so let me make a recommendation that you’re sure to enjoy.

Relax Riesling has, for years, been a solid go-to wine for me when I need something sweet, light, and fruity. I find this wine has the versatility to be enjoyed with melons and peaches on a warm summer day or with goat-cheese stuffed dates and sugar cookies on a cozy winter night (I know this because I enjoyed it with sugar cookies just last night!). Aside from desserts, sweet wines like this are also a wonderful complement to spicy Thai or Indian cuisine, fish entrees, and fruit-filled salads. Any way, you should definitely serve it chilled!

Like its clean, modern bottle, this wine is crisp and fresh. I would expect no less from a popular German Riesling! It is so easily sippable you will forget it’s even alcoholic (until you stand up, of course). This would be a great wine to drink while taking a bubble bath or reading a good book on the couch. And if you’re crafty, think of all the fun things you could do with the gorgeous cobalt blue bottle once you’ve enjoyed the contents!

Relax Riesling is a JOY and very accessible; I typically find this in the wine section at my local grocery store at or under $12. I now know that Relax has three other wines as well, so I know what I’m going to try to find next grocery trip!


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