Friday, November 21, 2014

12 under 20: Decoy 2012 Pinot Noir

WELL, I have catching up to do if I’m going to give you 6 more 12 under 20’s by December 31st!

So when we went to Napa back in July, along with Markham we also stopped at Duckhorn. WOW. We did a wine and cheese pairing with them and it was a delightful time (worth the money if you get the chance to go).

Unfortunately, most Duckhorn wines won’t quite make the “under $20” mark for this blog. However, Duckhorn is part of a great ducky family FULL of options that will fit whatever your budget while maintaining their high quality and brand acclaim. Sister vineyards include Decoy, Paraduxx, Migration, Goldeneye, and Canvasback.

12 under 20: Decoy 2012 Pinot Noir
Decoy was the first of Duckhorn’s sister vineyards that we explored (at the store). Husband’s birthday was last week and aside from Chianti’s and Cabs, the man appreciates a good medium-bodied Pinot Noir. We were pairing this wine with a baked, lemon-seasoned salmon, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Most often people would advise pairing a white wine with fish, but for red-drinkers like Husband, the Pinot Noir is an excellent compromise.

The back of the Decoy 2012 Pinot Noir label pretty much sums it up: “The everyday wine for the well-informed.” Consider this post you being informed!

This vintage is 100% Pinot Noir grape, aged in 100% French Oak Aged Burgundy barrels (Luscious!). It was fresh and full of bright, red fruit.  I personally experienced the mouthfeel of cranberries and raspberries and it had a soft, oaky zest to it. This wine was fruity and light enough for those that don’t prefer heavy red wines, but also toasty enough for wine drinkers that enjoy notes of wood and spice.

Their 2013 varietal is sounding more earthy and herbal (lavender, sage, mushroom, white pepper amidst the blue and red berries)…so for those that prefer the warmth and lushness of more fruit, try the 2012 first.

The Decoy Pinot Noir just barely skates under our $20 cap at $19.99 at Total Wine. That tends to be the average price for this wine, though the Internet says some lucky wine aficionados might be able to find the 2012 as low as $15 at some retailers. 

Cheers, readers!

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