Thursday, October 16, 2014


I promise, loyal readers, I am alive and I WILL be back soon.

Two major goings-ons have kept me busy since my last post:

  • Husband and I bought a HOUSE! (I anticipate next post will highlight the art gems I'm adorning our new walls with)
  • For those that followed my post on Art for a Cause: Ovarian Cancer Awareness, race day is finally here. This Saturday, my father and brother will be competing in The Great Floridian Ironman, all in order to raise awareness and funds for Foundation for Women's Cancer. Though it was Ovarian Cancer specifically that affected our family and our lives, we recognize that all "below the belt" womens cancers need more attention to bring about the research, cures, and care that patients really need. ANY woman is at risk of developing a gynecologic cancer - There are no "exceptions." That is why we are trying to open the avenues for dialogue and funding for this organization. To date, we have raised $22,000 for FWC (donations are still welcome too!). We are planning to match those funds to make a BIG impact for this cause. THANK YOU for your phenomenal support.
Returning soon with more art, more causes, and more wine!

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