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12 under 20: Oliver Winery

12 under 20: Oliver Winery
At IU, we were very priviledged to have a WONDERFUL little gem of a winery not that far from campus. Oliver Winery is a known Bloomington hot-spot, a great place to take parents and friends for a wine tasting, a tour of the wine making process, or even just a picnic by their pond.

Oliver Winery was founded in the 1960s by IU law professor William Oliver, who was crucial in the passing of legislation allowing for small wineries to open in Indiana (Indiana Small Winery Act, 1971). His son took over the company in 1983 and it remains a family business today. They have expanded rapidly, particularly in the last 30 years, with distribution now in over 14 states (you can always order online if the wines are not sold in your state) and case sales exceeding 270,000 in 2008.

Now that spring is finally here, let me share with you my top Oliver recommendations to be enjoyed in Spring and early summer. 

  •  Creekbend Traminette - $16.00
    •  This semi-dry has hints of tropical fruits and green apple.  It is floral with a hint of spice, which has it pair really well with ethnic foods, like Asian or Mexican (I imagine this wine would also be great with Indian food), or with a cheese plate appetizer!
  • Creekbend Chambourcin Rose - $12.00
    •  This wine is all strawberry for me. An off-dry Rosé aged in stainless steel barrels, this wine is full of fruit and is perfect for pairing with appetizers, pork dishes, or fresh berries!
  • Blackberry - $12.00
    • The literal sweetest wine on this list, this wine is 100% fresh Oregon blackberries. The blackberries are fermented just as you would ferment a grape, and a dash of natural cane sugar preserves the sweetness. You have to have a sweet tooth for this one, but it is SO worth it.
  • Gewurztraminer - $10.00
    • This is my husband and my favorite Oliver wine. We have a bottle in our wine cabinet right now! This wine is soft, easy, and perfectly sippable. It pairs excellently with Thai, Indian and other spicy exotic foods. Another semi-dry, this wine is floral and has a sweet finish.
  • Beanblossom Blush - $9.50
    • For spring, you need a Zinfandel! The Beanblossom Blush is a semi-dry with strawberry, peach, and floral notes, and it is delicious.

As it turns out, 3 of my 5 were also on Oliver’s “Five Fabulous Wines for Spring” blog post!

Oliver has a special place in my heart because it was the location for many wonderful memories throughout grad school. It is where I bonded with my classmates, took my parents when they came to visit, and was part of my husband's (then boyfriend) visit when he traveled 9 hours to surprise me for my birthday. 

Oliver Winery is my go-to for when you need to send a wine (or a case) to a friend for their birthday, when you need a special wine for an anniversary, or as a Thank-You to your Matrons of Honors (I speak from experience). Anything they offer is worth it (and there are volume discounts!), but if you’re jazzed for Spring and you want a wine that captures the season, start here and let me know what you think. 

As a note, I know I'm offering 5 affordable wines for you here under one label, but since "12 under 20" is my blog series, I can bend the rules a little bit. ;) ENJOY!

"Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words." - Plautus

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