Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frying pans...who knew, right??

Mixing it up!! Let's talk an animated feature.

If you all haven't seen Tangled yet...well, then I'm disappointed in you. (J/K! But really, go see it)

It is an AMAZING movie and really gives me faith in Disney again. Now, don't get me wrong...I'm a Disney Princess/Loyalist through-and-through, but things had only been kind of "eh" for me for the past couple years. I did love Princess and the Frog (totally own it too), but nothing compares to how I love this movie! And it's not a -typical- Disney movie either. Let's review why.

A) The heroine is kind of a dork. And I love it. She's naive and a little goofy, but she's endearing, a dreamer, and oh, so lovable.

B) We have not yet seen a chameleon as a heroine/princess's trusting sidekick! I guess Disney's liking the reptiles/amphibians these days ;)

C) Now, while 3D/digital animation has been Disney's bread and butter as of late (Toy Story, The Incredibles, etc.), and this is the same kind of deal, I feel like the animation style is a better combination of the drawn and computer generated. I don't know how to explain it. But I have to say, a lot of the expressions, gestures, and movements look very realistic sometimes.

D) The music is more broadway/theatrical than typical Disney movies. I didn't even know it was a musical! And while it is, I don't think that distracts from the story or would make it less enjoyable for say, I dunno, a guy.

E) For ONCE in a Disney movie...THE MOTHER IS NOT DEAD!!!! (Think about it. Belle's mom, Ariel's mom, Cinderella's real mom, Snow White's real mom, Jasmine's mom, Tink's mom, Giselle's mom, Kida's mom.....Aurora's an exception. Simba too.)

F) The narrator is, in fact, our hero. And gosh, he's funny. And flawed. He's not your typical hero.

He IS, however, all mine. Sorry, Rapunzel:
BAHAHAHA! I'm so serious. This was sent to me from DisneyWorld for my birthday. Joy of JOYS.


It also comes with some really marvelous and beautiful concept art. I love looking at sketches and concept paintings like this one!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how they'll get out of this scrape, that scrape. You'll marvel at the scenery (whoever was on the production team for the background art...bravo), sit there and consider (seriously) what it would be like to have 75 feet of hair, and afterwards, I think you'll just feel really good. It's a feel-good movie (though it has it's drama!). So, go see it.

NOW. :)

Rapunzel: "I have made the decision to trust you."
Flynn: "A horrible decision really."

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